Our quality

Linjoy jewellery is unique in the world...
handmade in Germany
Our manufactory in Rottenburg is a living place of craftsmanship and creation.

innovative & sustainable
Our material LinColor® is unique in the world and is produced in a complex handicraft process in our manufactory from flax (the natural fibers of the plant linen, from which linen clothing is also made) - LinColor is lightfast and waterproof!

naturally high class
Your piece of jewellery will accompany you for a long time, because the materials LinColor and stainless steel stay beautiful for a long time.
gentle on your skin
Our materials are gentle to your skin: stainless steel is a modern jewellery metal and even suitable for allergy sufferers.
fascinatingly light
Our beads look like stone, but the lightness of our jewellery will amaze you.

colourful & individual
Die berauschende Farbpalette ist unser Markenzeichen. Bei den Marmorierungen unserer Inlays entstehen einzigartige Muster und Strukturen – jedes Schmuckstück ist ein Unikat.

timeless beauty
Our collections and designs are our own designs and are not subject to fashion. They captivate with the brilliant colors in the spectrum of the rainbow and a wide range of natural tones.

Our CHANGE interchangeable jewellery is a joyful play with colors, shapes and structures. It's easy to design your own piece of jewellery - even online with our jewellery configurator.


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