Care tips for your jewellery

You will be able to enjoy your Linjoy jewelry for a long time, please observe the following instructions:

is the name of our unique material. It consists essentially of flax fibers, from which also the linen clothing is made. Surface irregularities emphasize the organic character of our jewelry.
LinColor® is lightfast and waterproof in normal use - no problem if you sweat in summer or stand in the rain! Our jewelry can also stand a shower, with our rings you can wash your hands.
In the bathtub, in the swimming pool or when swimming in the sea, however, you should better take off the jewelry. If you use hairspray, please put on your jewelry (especially earrings) afterwards, otherwise the color will change.

TIP: The surface of LinColor® is like a skin. Your jewelry likes it if you apply a little vaseline or nourishing oil from time to time (e.g. fine fragrance oil for the body, or even simple cooking oil). Let the oil soak in briefly, then you can dab off the rest - this helps to further compact the surface. This treatment is especially recommended for the inlays of our rings if they are exposed to frequent hand washing.

If necessary, your Linjoy jewelry can also be cleaned. With a moistened soft toothbrush and a drop of dishwashing detergent you remove possible deposits with careful circular movements. Then let it dry and treat it with oil as described above.

Stainless Steel
is a modern jewelry metal with many advantages. It has an extremely scratch-resistant surface and remains as it is - beautiful in the long run! No tarnishing, no annoying cleaning of the jewelry. In addition, stainless steel is characterized by its beautiful silver sheen and its special skin compatibility - it is even suitable for allergy sufferers.

Real Leather
is a hard-wearing natural product that can become even more beautiful over time due to the patina of signs of use. The leather bands we use are of high quality and thank you if you pay attention to a few points when using them. Leather jewelry should not be worn while bathing and showering, nor in the sauna. Especially light colors darken with prolonged contact with water. In addition, this reduces the durability. If colored leather bands are exposed to daylight, especially intense sunlight, for a longer period of time, they may fade slightly. Therefore, we recommend that you store the colored leather bracelets in boxes when you are not wearing them.
Please do not care for our leather with oils or greases. Especially light and colorful leathers can darken strongly.

Especially for the Linjoy CHANGE collection:
If there are any signs of use on the basic jewelry pieces, you can perfectly rework the scratched surface with our enclosed sandpaper using circular movements.
If necessary, the engraved jewelry discs can be matted with our finer sanding sponge. Afterwards everything looks like new!

Note on handling neodymium magnets
Keep a distance to objects that can be affected by magnetism (according to the manufacturer, about three centimeters are sufficient for the small magnets used in the jewelry system). This includes ec and credit cards, floppy disks and other data carriers, mechanical watches and hearing aids.

People who wear a pacemaker should avoid magnetic jewelry!