Linjoy PURE - colourful beads magic

In our PURE collection you will find necklaces and bracelets made of our hand-shaped beads made of LinColor®. LinColor is an innovative, worldwide unique material made from the natural fibers of flax. Our PURE collection is the sensual experience of this extraordinary material! You feel LinColor on your skin like warm stones. What looks so solid is amazingly light and comfortable to wear. The PURE collection lives from the fascination of the material - all beads made of LinColor are formed by hand, light as a feather, hard as stone, lightfast and waterproof. We process them with intermediate parts made of stainless steel and, in some models, with black lava to create high-quality necklaces.

"The material is truly unique and has a completely unique high-quality look..."
Rating from Klaus-Peter

"I own several different pieces of Linjoy jewelry and wear a different one almost every day to match my outfit. They are absolutely robust and do sinks, showers and all activities without problems. My girlfriends are all really excited about them and one of them has now requested Linjoy jewelry for her wedding to wear on her big day. The many different colors and shapes are just great, there is something for every type and every occasion!..."
Rating from Miri