Linjoy Change - our fascinating change jewellery

Make it yours! With our sophisticated change jewellery based on magnets can be changed in an instant colors, shapes and sizes. Get creative yourself, adapt the jewelry to your clothes, occasions, moods and seasons!

Variations: There are many basic elements made of stainless steel. These can be varied with hand-engraved stainless steel jewelry discs and colored TOPPs made of LinColor® in countless shades and marbles, from very small to strikingly large.
The highlight: With a simple click, all elements can be combined with each other and freely positioned on necklaces and earrings alike.

By the way: Since we are asked again and again - our flat magnets are so strong that they hold the colored TOPPs and jewellery discs securely on the pendants!

TIP You like to be creative yourself? And like to invent your own jewellery?
Then you will find many suggestions for designs with Linjoy CHANGE here.

Why don't you try it out right now? With our incomparable jewellery configurator, you can design your own personal piece of jewelry with just a few clicks.

So if you already know what you want, you can go straight to the individual components...
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